Like all event spaces, The Double E's seats stay mostly empty.  Luckily, we installed a brand new live stream camera system as soon as we locked down!

Our Mission has been to support artists and provide a space for them to stay in touch with their fans. Stay tuned below for the latest streams from our hard working live stream team at The Double E. 


Custom Landing Page

 Build a custom viewing page in our Virtual Theater to create a custom virtual experience for your guests. Chat windows, donation links, and merch stores are all a click away!

Stream from Anywhere

Our gear is mobile and so are we! We’re equipped to help you produce your live streamed event in The Double E or help you stream from wherever you are — so long as there’s a steady internet connection.

Hosting a Watch Party

Thinking about the customers on the other side of your stream? Get in touch! We can help set up drive-in, pod-style, or socially-
distanced watch parties, indoors or out.