Sweet Clover Market

Local. Organic. Natural.

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About Sweet Clover


Many people think that Sweet Clover Market was founded out of a love for cooking, but the truth is, we opened Sweet Clover Market because we love to eat! We had questions about our food and we appreciated answers. What’s in what we’re eating? How fresh is it? Who grew it? Where was it caught? We realized the best way for Sweet Clover Market to source fresh, clean food would be to work with local farms and small food producers. That way we could make sure we knew the source, the ingredients, and the processing method. In short, we work with people who can tell us the story of the food and build a relationship with us beyond the invoice

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Fresh Daily Menu 


Every day they have four fresh soups, from scratch deli sandwiches, a deli case, and pre-made small meals.

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Open Every Day: 8 AM - 7 PM