To make our campus work, we need your help

Calling all creative thinkers! We have challenges ahead of us to build the events and community entertainment program that we all dream of. We're not going to be able to do it without your help! This page will constantly be updated with calls for applications, calls for artists, and other projects that we've run into dead ends on. We're sharing our process with you with the hopes that some solutions will come from our community members!


Every Wednesday, between 500 and 1000 people come to The Essex Experience to enjoy family friendly live entertainment, cold beer, and delicious food. We have some stellar programming in store for this year’s event and we can’t wait to share in the festivities with you all.


We don't have one single photographer, instead, we work with different members of the community for each event to give us each a glimpse into someone else's POV. 

Interested? We require photographers who apply to provide us with a total of 10 images total, 1 during or immediately after the event, and the remaining 9 in the following 48 hours.