Peace of Mind Pilates

At Peace of Mind Pilates, we are a community-focused fitness studio committed to bringing the best Pilates, barre, yoga, and strength classes to you. We love working with our clients where they are and without judgment.

We offer a wide variety of classes that are perfect for all levels, that will push you when needed, and balance and center you. Come on in and give us a try.

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Meet the Owner

Owner Stephanie Robinson loves keeping people on their toes.  I keep learning new and better ways of helping people. Their classes are never the same, she switches things up all the time and tries to never be stale. "When I started my business I loved all types of movement, but I knew Pilates was the heart and soul of me and my business, and that is why I named it Peace of Mind Pilates. It always comes back to Pilates!"


Stephanie spent many, many years with a lot of back pain. It was every day, all day long, and she could not find relief. She had been doing Pilates on and off for a few years by then and was told to continue it and see a chiropractor.  When adding more Pilates to her life, she started to feel dramatic improvement. She knew I wanted to help others who were feeling this way.  Pilates and movement are what make her soul sing!

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About the Studio


Peace of Mind Pilates wants everyone who steps into the space to feel good about themselves and like they are exactly where they are meant to be, whether it be with movement, laughter, or self-esteem. It's a non-judgemental space that helps anyone who doesn't feel comfortable about joining a fitness class feel like they belong! Stephanie has a wide range of ages, sizes, and experiences, that come to her class and wants her to feel like home for everyone!

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