Q: How can I purchase tickets for shows at The Double E?

A: There are three ways to purchase tickets for shows at The Double E:

  1. Purchase directly from our website/See Tickets page at DoubleEVermont.Com/Calendar

  2. Our Facebook events at facebook.com/doubleevt

  3. At our box office which sells tickets for all non sold out shows


Q: What time does ticketing start at The Double E?

A: Ticketing usually starts one hour prior to doors opening. Our lounge is open for drinks before doors to the theater open. Door times are available on The Double E website. We always recommend confirming door and showtimes.

Q: What time should I arrive for the show?

A: As soon as possible! There are two times listed on your ticket. The first time is when the doors will open and the second is when the opening artist will go on.  Set times (when the respective artists take the stage) vary and typically are not announced until the day of the show. Please keep in mind that set times, as well as opening acts, are always subject to change. We strongly suggest checking the website for the most up-to-date times possible.

*TIP: If you're going to a general admission show, arrive early to get the best seat. 

Q: What is the Double E and what is The Essex Experience and are they the same thing?

A: They are not the same thing! The Essex Experience is the entire campus that was once The Essex Shoppes and Cinemas. The Double E Performance Center is our theater on The Essex Experience Campus.

Q: I bought tickets from The Double E, but my event is at Black Flannel?

A: Yes! Since we have the entire Essex Experience at our creative disposal, we've gotten creative and put shows all over the place. You'll find shows will take place outside on our green, in the Black Flannel Beer Garden, at Uncommon Grounds, ArtHound Gallery, Turners Toys, and more! 

Q: What can I expect at The Double E?

A: Find more venue specific information here




Q: What type of payment does The Double E accept?

A: The box office and bar accepts CASH, VISA, Master Card and American Express. The Merchandise counter typically only accepts CASH.




Q: How old do you have to be to attend shows at The Double E?

A: All shows, unless specifically listed, are all ages. If your child will not be in your lap for the whole concert, they will need a ticket. If you plan on bringing a stroller please call ahead to accommodate. 

Q: Do I need ID to enter the venue?

A: We strongly recommend that you bring your ID. The Double E is a venue that serves alcohol and it is very important for us to verify that guests who plan on drinking are of legal drinking age. In compliance with VERMONT LAW, anyone 21-40  who plans on drinking alcohol will have to show a valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID. We have the right to ask anyone, regardless of age, for ID. 

Anyone without proper ID, regardless of age, may be treated as an underage guest and not allowed to buy, hold, or drink alcohol. This policy is strictly enforced and any violation will result in immediate removal from the venue.

Q: Do you allow in-and-out (re-entry) privileges?

A: Patrons over the age of 21, may leave the venue and come back within reason. Concert patrons under the age of 21 are not allowed re-entry – once you’re in, you aren’t allowed in and out privileges, not even to go to your car. We can’t allow you to do it, so please don’t ask us to let you! We have the right to refuse ANYONE reentry.

Q: Do you allow outside food or beverage?

A: SOMETIMES events will allow food purchased on The Essex Experience campus. We will NEVER allow outside beverages. Empty waterbottles are OK. Please consult specific event details for food guideline.


Q: Where is The Double E located?

A: We are located on The Essex Experience Campus at 21 Essex Way, Essex VT, 05452 - We are in the same building as Essex Cinemas.

Q: Is there Mass Transit near by?

A: There is! We are located on the GMT Essex Center Stop on the Orange-Silver Loop Line. We are also convienently located to Essex Junction Amtrak Station, and Burlington International Airport.

IQ: Is there parking?



Q: Wait, The T Rex Theater I've seen movies in there?

A: Yes you have! The T Rex Theater is a brilliant, multifunctional space! Thanks to intelligently hung speakers and lighting trussing that drops out of the ceiling, the T Rex makes a quick change into a premier performance space. Once the projector is powered on, the theater hosts completely unique, visually compelling concerts, spoken word engagements, comedy nights, and more! And yes, you can still catch the blockbusters in there too!

Q: How exactly does that work? Is this a surround sound concert?!

A: While that's something we want to explore in the future (Hit us up if you know what you're doing, we love experimenting!) we have two separate speaker systems for the films and the concerts. You will not be disappointed. 

Q: Is there a bar? Can I drink in the theater?

A: Yes! The Lounge opens an hour before doors open and closes before encore during concerts. All of our beverages are able to be consumed in the theater, or in the bar. 

Q: I think I left my card at the bar last night. How can I check if it is still there?

A: All leftover cards with open tabs will be closed at the end of the night and a 20% service gratuity will be added. These cards are left in the bar 2 weeks and then destroyed.

Q: Do you have a dress code?

A: Come as you are! We try to present events ranging from orchestral ensembles centered around our grand piano, to visual experiences that will make you think you're trapped in Willy Wonka's tunnel. Dress for the event!

Q: Do you allow bags or backpacks in the venue?

A: No, we do not. We do not offer storage for bags and large handbags will be searched.

Q: What is the capacity at The Double E?

A: We can comfortably accommodate roughly 500 guests in the venue.

Q: Is The Double E handicapped accessible?

A: Yes, we are handicapped accessible. Please reach out upon purchasing a ticket to make accommodations. Notify a member of Security upon arrival if you require early entry or seating assistance. 

Q: Do you have a lost and found?

A: Yes, we do. If you lose your wallet or phone, it will be left behind the bar. All other physical items will be held in the office for 2 weeks, then it will be donated.

Q: Can I smoke in the theater?

A: No. We have a patio out front. 

Q: Are firearms allowed in the venue?

A: No. Firearms are never allowed in The Double E.



Q: Does The Double E offer food?

A: Yes, we offer a menu of snacks prepared hyper locally by our on-campus partners at Black Flannel Brewery, Magic Man Cannabis Cafe, and Uncommon Coffee. If you're hungry for a meal, plan ahead, The Essex Experience has many great resturaunt options!

Q: Is your kitchen’s menu vegetarian/vegan friendly?

A: We will do our best to always serve one vegan option, however, we cannot guarantee that our small menu will accommodate many needs. 

Q: How about drinks?

A: We offer a full-service bar our lounge with a limited food menu available. We also offer a non-alcoholic and gluten free beer option.


Q: My band is super awesome and would love to learn more about playing at The Double E, who can we speak with?

A: We are always looking for bands to fill our line-up. Please remember to include contact info and a link to your music and let us know of any upcoming shows we can check you out at! 

Q: If the website reads SOLD OUT, is it really sold out?

A: Yes, it really is. There is bound to be once or twice that additional tickets get released, but that would be against our general policy - trust us, we want these tickets to be in your hands!

Q: How can I receive more information about upcoming shows?

A: We send out weekly e-mail updates that include information on recently announced shows, yet-to-be-advertised shows, and exclusive pre-sales. Please signup HERE to get subscribed!

Q: How and when do you announce new shows?

A: Our concert calendar is updated constantly – as soon as we can announce the show, information we be posted and changes in line ups or times are updated when needed. 


Q: What are your policies regarding photo, video, and audio?

A: Recording policies are at the bands discretion and change night to night, but our house policy is no professional equipment allowed unless authorized by the band or tour, within the first 3 songs and no flash. You may bring your camera with the understanding that you might need to take it back to your car.
Video and audio recordings are not allowed.

The Essex Experience operates an Event Photographer program that hires one community photographer per event. Please learn more about this program HERE

Q: How do I get a photo or media pass?

A: All requests for media/photo passes must go through the artist/band’s publicist or label directly. The Double E cannot offer media/photo passes for concerts. Only media/photo passes that have been submitted by the band will be honored. Community events are a different story. Get in touch!


Q: Do you rent out your spaces for events?

A: The Double E's primary focus is to bring great local and national musicians to the people of Vermont and surrounding areas, but we do open our doors to all sorts of events. We have charitable organizations, political gatherings, hosted burlesque shows, fashion shows, corporate meetings, birthdays, awards ceremonies and more! We love getting creative, so let us know how we can help!

Q: How do I find out more about holding an event at The Double E?

A: Email us at info@doubleevermont.com for more information regarding events.

Q: Is The Double E hiring?

A: We are always looking for enthusiastic, energetic people to join our team. See more here. PRO TOP: If you're really serious about getting onto the team, bring us some event ideas, and let's chat! 

Have a question we didn’t answer? Contact us here for more in-depth questions!

**Thank you to The Crescent Ballroom for the FAQ Inspiration Template