Elements of Healing

Elements of Healing is a Holistic Health Center, as well as an Acupuncture Center & School of Massage. 

Their goal is to assist people in their healing process utilizing various modalities that suit the individual. They also offer Holistic Health Counseling, an in-depth discussion regarding your health concerns and goals. By establishing a holistic healing relationship with you, they will develop a personalized course of treatment.

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Elements of Healing’s 600 hour/ten month Certificate Program teaches the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine within the context of two effectively therapeutic forms of massage. Amma and Shiatsu are different in style, but equally powerful healing modalities. 

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Meet The Owner


Scott Moylan has over 20 years in the Chinese arts. His love of movement and health brought him to study Oriental medicine at the New York College For Health Professions where he received a master's degree of science in Oriental medicine.  Scott has also studied in China, taking an advanced course in acupuncture and herbs at the International Training Center in Guang Zhou.

Scott and his wife, Barbara, started Elements of Healing in 2003 and have seen it grow into the healing center that it is today. 

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