Bramble's Mission is to provide each of their guests with an experience that is so memorable that they will want to rave about it and want to return the next time they are wanting to dine out or have a drink. They use their passion every day to make their restaurant feel like home.

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About Bramble

Bramble prides itself on being a restaurant, a gathering place, and a home away from home. 

Running a restaurant is a team sport, from the farmer to the butcher, to the chef, bartender, and dishwasher. Everyone contributes to your experience when you come to Bramble. 

The Bramble menu is designed to be shared.

Shared with family and friends, shared with laughter, shared with stories, shared again, and then shared again… but only for so long. All menus will be subject to change very often: due to supply, season, and whim.

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Meet the Owners

Chef-owner Colleen Hunt and her Co-owner & husband Shawn Hyer have brought their many years of experience back to home to Vermont! 

Their goal with Bramble is to provide a canvas for local farmers, butchers, and artisans to showcase their products, while offering a level of personal service and true hospitality, that shines beyond expectations.

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5pm to 9pm