Black Flannel Brewery
& Distillery

Black Flannel Brewing & Distilling Companies are passion-driven! Everyone respects and values those who hone their craft to the highest level. From beer to spirits to food made with fresh local ingredients, to the craftspeople and artists who contribute their talent, skills, and passion to bring a unique experience to the community, Black Flannel is the place where TRUE CRAFT is celebrated at every turn!


Black Flannel manufactures and sells craft beer & craft spirits, both for on-site consumption at their restaurant, and in cans & bottles to go. They distribute a percentage of the beer & spirits they make on-site to retail locations within a 30-mile radius.  That range will expand over time with carefully considered and curated growth.  


About Black Flannel

Chris Kesler is the founding partner of Black Flannel Brewing Co. and one of 4 founding partners of Black Flannel Distilling Co. He looks forward to bringing a unique experience to local & state residents, and travelers looking to experience the best Vermont has to offer.

Black Flannel Brewing & Distilling Co. is a collection of some of the best talent in the crafts of brewing, distilling, bar, and culinary arts that the state has to offer all under one roof. Passion drives them, collaboration between disciplines means that guests have the opportunity to take a journey and experience their unique local craft.

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Meet the Chef

Their unique culinary program, led by Executive Chef Christian Kruse, offers a unique menu that combines favorites of upscale pub fare, with a wide variety of ever-changing menu options that appeal to the most adventurous of foodies.  Service is key, and their staff is highly trained and fully believes in the vision and mission to bring the best local craft available in the state.  They have fun with each other while focusing on delivering a great experience - which makes all the difference in the world and their guests notice!

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Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 11 AM-6 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 11 AM-7 PM